Health Ministry

Physical, mental and spiritual health have always been important elements in the Christian life. During His ministry on earth, Jesus himself performed many healing miracles — casting out demons, curing lepers, mending crippled limbs, restoring sight to the blind and more. Through Health Ministries, we are tending to the needs in our church and community.

A group of trained volunteers goes out on a regular basis to visit our homebound and nursing home residents and administer communion. We are blessed to have Mary Hartje coordinating the Health Ministry Committee's Noisy Change Offerings which support one outreach ministry per month, and to have Georgene Stone coordinate Caring Casseroles which connects a group of volunteers who willing provide meals to those who are ill or are recovering from illness or surgery, bereaved, have a new baby, etc. Nila Halverson is graciously coordinating a team of dedicated volunteers who write cards each month to our homebound and nursing home residents as well as our senior citizens who are celebrating a birthdays.


Noisy Change Offering We will have a Noisy Change Offering the 2nd Sunday of each month for various mission projects as chosen by the Health Ministry Committee


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Intercessory Prayer Join us on Wednesday mornings at 11:00 a.m.
Messiah Chariot Volunteer drivers use the church van to pick up and deliver members unable to drive to and from church for services.
Love and Hugs Volunteers provide a caring connection between homebound members and the congregation with letters and cards on an ongoing basis.
Visitation Assisted living facilities, home and hospital visits by the Pastor & volunteer visitation team members.

Health Ministry Council Liaison: Vaughn Thorstad -email